How To Change Yahoo Password To Make It Strong & Safe

We keep listening change Yahoo password periodically, secure your account with a strong password, keep agile watch on the suspicious stuff from the Internet. Here, we will try to dig our the root cause behind these common phrases and try to develop a fair idea about how making a strong password is different from securing it. We are going to discuss some very elementary, but important facts related to the password strength and security, as we all know that no password is safe today unless we make it.

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Yahoo is one of the most eminent webmail service providers, and there are billions of Yahoo users across the globe. Higher the number of users, more the risk of security breaches. To prevent this risk, first let us discuss, how to change Yahoo mail password.

8 Feasible Steps To Change Yahoo Password

It is a wise idea to set a strong password for your Yahoo account and change it on a regular basis. Here is how to change Yahoo password in a few easy steps-

Step 1- Sign in your Yahoo account
Step 2- Take your mouse cursor over gear icon, located at the upper right corner. A drop down menu will appear
Step 3- Select Account Info, located at the end of the drop down menu
Step 4- Now click Account Security listed on the left side of the Account Info page
Step 5- Enter current password in the given box in order to proceed
Step 6- Click on Change password, located on the top of the Account Security page
Step 7- Create a new password and re-enter the changed password to confirm it.
Step 8- Now Sign in with the new password.

By following these easy steps, you are all set to use your changed password to login Yahoo account in the various accounts. Changing password has an immediate action and it will log you out of all the devices from your Yahoo account.

How Do I Change My Yahoo Password If My Account Has Been Hacked?

This is another condition related to Yahoo password, you may experience. Fret not! Yahoo has bestowed users with an easy solution to reset Yahoo password. It is very easy to change yahoo password without an old password by making use of recovery email or phone number listed with your Yahoo account. But you have to keep certain points in mind while you choose any of these retrieval options.

  • Make sure that you can access any of the recovery email or phone number otherwise, you will not be able to recover Yahoo mail password.
  • If you are trying to recover your password from an unknown browser, then you may have to answer security questions related to the people in your contact list, old password or other information related to the usage of your account.

Yahoo password change can be done without breaking a sweat when it is forgotten. Now we will discuss how to set a strong password for Yahoo account.

How To Create A Strong Password For Yahoo Mail?

A strong password is usually considered as the combination of letters, numbers and special characters. How adding these components to a password makes a significant difference can be understood by this report of American Express. Here is a list of time to crack a particular password, which will make you understand what a strong password actually mean?

Password time to crack-
  • Password length- 6 characters (Only letters) – 0.077 seconds to crack
  • Password length- 7 characters (upper and lower cases of letters and numbers) – 14 minutes to crack
  • Password length- 8 characters (upper and lower cases of letters and numbers) - 15 hours to crack
  • Password length- 9 characters (upper and lower cases of letters and numbers) – 39 days to crack
  • Password length- 11 characters (number and lower & upper cases of letters) - 412 years to crack
  • Password length- 14 characters (lower and upper cases of letters) - 511 years to crack
  • Password length- 12 characters (numbers and letters) - 344,000 years to crack

Hope you understand how to change Yahoo mail password to a strong one. A strong password is not necessarily a complex one. A good password is easy to remember and hard to crack or guess. Making a strong password can’t prevent your password from keylogger or person peeping your password over your shoulders. Hope you understand what idea we are trying to carry. Making a strong password is not enough. You have to be aware of the unethical practices used to steal your login information, thereby preventing them from happening.

How To Prevent Yahoo Password From Getting Hacked?

  • Perform Yahoo mail password change on a regular basis

Changing your password within a fixed interval of time on a regular basis can prevent you from an undesired intrusion in your account. If it has already been made, then changing the password will automatically throw the intruder out of your account. But if you have any kind of trouble in using Yahoo mail, change password instantly.

  • Never give your login credentials to anyone

You never know how your login information can be exploited to feed one’s nefarious intentions. So better don’t disclose it in front of anyone. If you need any kind of help for the related to your Yahoo account, then you can contact Yahoo customer support number.

  • Keep a distinct password for different accounts

Not all accounts are as safe and security breaches can be made to them easily. The cracked password from low-security accounts is used by hackers to login your other accounts. If you have the same password for all, then it can

  • Hide your device while entering your password

While entering your password, hide your device to prevent your password from peeping Toms. They are way more harmful than the skilled hackers.

  • Avoid login into a new account

Avoid using a new device to login your Yahoo account as it can have the keylogger, to steal your login information.

  • Self- enter the yahoo URL

Always prefer to self-enter Yahoo URL and don’t use a login page directed from some other webpage or apps on the Internet. It can be a phishing threat.

We tried to cover the key points related to Yahoo mail password change. If you feel any kind of trouble while following these guidelines, then you can contact Yahoo customer support number to get the reliable assistance in less than no time.

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