How Do I Reset or Recover my Forgotten Yahoo Mail Password?

Your Yahoo mail password gives you the complete authorizing access to every Yahoo service that you use. But what if you have forgotten your Yahoo email account password or your email account has been hacked, you can easily reset your Yahoo account password using a recovery phone number or email address. With the help of the Yahoo Password Recovery option, you can effortlessly reset your password and regain access to your Yahoo account.

Resetting Yahoo Mail Password refers to the sign in process with the help of recovery phone number or email address that linked to the account by the user as a security measure for verification purpose. Here we are providing you simple Yahoo password recovering steps, which will help you to get back the access to your account within a few minutes. However, before getting into the steps you must know the major causes to recover yahoo mail password.

Yahoo Mail Forgot Password

Causes of Blocked/Inaccessible Yahoo Account

You can’t be able to log in to your yahoo account and access your yahoo mail services, due to several reasons as under:

  • No absolute activity in the past 12 months in your yahoo mail account.
  • Your yahoo mail password has been under the control of any suspicious activity and got hacked.
  • You have forgotten your Yahoo mail password

If you are facing any such issue, it is highly recommended to reset the Yahoo Mail Password right away to avoid any further loss.

Steps to Recover Forgotten Yahoo Mail Password Using Desktop

In order to get the recovery functions in the yahoo account, one should select one of the following Yahoo Password Recovery options:

  • Sign-in email address or mobile number
  • Recovery phone number
  • Recovery email address

If you have access to any of the account recovery options provided above, you can easily recover your forgotten yahoo mail password by following below-given instructions.

  • Open Yahoo Mail Sign-in page and enter Yahoo Email address and tap Next.
  • In the next screen click on I forgot my password, as you don’t remember your password.
  • A new window will appear on your screen, where you need to provide information for one of the account recovery options as mentioned above.
  • Now, you will need to tap on “Yes, please send me a verification code” for receiving a security code on email or you can also get a security code on phone, by tapping on the “Yes, text me a verification code” button.

Note: You need to select either a phone number or email address as an account recovery option to receive a security code. If in case, you are unable to receive a text message at your registered phone number or don’t have access to that number, tap on I don’t have access to this phone. Once you select the option, the Yahoo Account key will be sent to your alternative option.

  • On the next window, enter the security code in the prompted field and tap on the Verify button.
  • After the successful verification process of your identity, you will be allowed to reset yahoo password on the next screen.
  • In the next screen, you will be redirected to the next screen where you get a ‘Success’ message with two options: Continue and Create a New Password.
  • Tap the option Create a new password and type your New Password for the yahoo account.
  • Once you entered the new password in the prompted field, click on the Continue button to successfully change the password.

Steps to Reset Yahoo Mail Forgotten Password on Android Phone

To begin the process in your Android device, one should follow the instructions provided below:

  • Open any installed web browser such as chrome on your android mobile and go to the Yahoo Sign-in Helper page.
  • After this, choose one of the following account recovery options:
    • Sign-in email address or mobile number
    • Recovery phone number
    • Recovery email address
  • Once you have entered one of the following Yahoo Password recovery option listed above, click on the Continue tab.
  • Pursue the instructions given in the Sign-in Helper page.

Reset Yahoo Mail Password on iOS Device

Whether your yahoo account has been hacked or you have forgotten the password, resetting the Yahoo Mail Password will surely help you to get into your account irrespective of any kind of Yahoo mail problems. In order to recover Yahoo password, one should deliberately follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Launch Yahoo Sign-in Helper page by accessing any installed web browsers such as Aloha or Safari in your iOS device.
  • Now, enter one of the account recovery items (such as Sign-in email address or mobile number/ Recovery phone number or Recovery Password).
  • In the next step, tap the Continue button to precede the process.
  • Follow the guidelines specified in the Sign-in Helper page.

Yahoo Customer Support Team Helps to Recover Yahoo Password Instantly

If in case, you found any trouble while accessing the steps of Yahoo account recovery, we recommend you to get in touch with the experts of Yahoo Customer Support and resolve your query. The Yahoo experts will provide you with the best-proven solutions of your concerned problem with the help of their FAQ section, Live Chat Feature, and other Calling facilities for better assistance.

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