Yahoo Mail – Features, Pros and Cons

One of the pioneers of the early Internet era and a popular web services provider, Yahoo, offers a myriad of services, including email service, web service engine, and more.

Yahoo Mail from Yahoo is a feature-rich email program used by millions of users all over the globe. Now a subsidiary of Verizon, Yahoo Mail, launched in 1997, is accessed on the web, mobile devices, and Windows 10. It is widely popular for its amazing features, including unlimited storage, social networking, SMS texting, and instant messaging.

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Top Highlights of Yahoo Mail

If you are a Yahoo Mail user, here are the top features you should be aware of, thus making the most of them.

  1. Using POP and IMAP, you can access Yahoo Mail on certain devices and various email programs.
  2. Create a free email account with Yahoo Mail and get access to 1 TB of online storage at,, and domains.
  3. You get access to about 200 filters, which would further assist you in blocking instant messaging contacts and email addresses.
  4. Yahoo Mail messages can also be accessed on another email address.
  5. It helps you “collect mail from additional POP accounts” and allows you to send from these addresses using the web interface.
  6. To safeguard your online presence and important data, Yahoo Mail uses 2-step authentication and Yahoo account key.
  7. To further protect you from online harm, it uses virus scanning and blocked-by-default remote images feature.
  8. Paid Yahoo Mail service excludes advertisements.
  9. Yahoo account pro users get instant support via Yahoo customer service phone number.
  10. Keyboard shortcuts, address auto-completion, tabs, drag & drop, and other key features give Yahoo Mail desktop-like qualities.
  11. All connections to Yahoo Mail use encryption by default for security.

Top Features of Yahoo Mail

Recently, Yahoo has launched a significant set of updates to offer better and smoother email experience, which covers both new personalization and faster performance features. Here are some awesome features of Yahoo Mail that you need to be acquainted with.

  • Clear the Backlog: When you wish to get rid of a backlog of messages in one go, press and hold an email to activate the multi-select mode. Henceforth, select additional emails in the trash or archive them.
  • Block Email Address: Don’t wish to receive emails from people who irritate or trouble you quite often? Block them! Go to “Settings”, then More Settings, and then “Security and Privacy”. You can click the ‘Plus’ icon and enter the email address that you wish to block. Click Save!
  • Yahoo Mail Filters for Inbox: Getting too many emails in your inbox (mostly, unnecessary)? Why not create Yahoo Mail filters that will keep a check on these emails? The advanced filtering system of Yahoo Mail lets you keep your inbox organized. To create filters, go to ‘Settings’, => ‘More Settings’, => click ‘Filters’, and add new filters.
  • Yahoo Mail Storage: You can make the most of 1 TB or 1,000 GB online storage space available in your Yahoo Mail. Isn’t it something amazing? You can keep ample data and files without being worried about the online threat. Let Yahoo takes care of it. Go to Settings and select Accounts to check how much storage is left.
  • Keep All Online Accounts in One Place: It is easy to access all your online accounts without losing on anything significant. Whether you have a Gmail account or an or another Yahoo Mail account, bring them into one place.
  • 2-Step Verification to Make Your Account More Secure: Activate two-step authentication if your account shows any suspicious activities such as emails in your sent folder that you never sent, strange login activity, friends & colleagues receiving phishing emails from you, etc. Enable this feature and give extra layers of security to your Yahoo mail account against any hacking activity. 

Yahoo Mail Pros and Cons

Going through the above features and top highlights, we have come up with these pros (that we like) and cons (that we don’t like), which might strike your attention.

Pros (Advantages)Cons (Disadvantages)
Comes with heavy online storage of 1 TB spaceCan’t label messages freely Or Set up smart folders
Keyboard shortcuts, attention to detail, and desktop-like interfaceManual rules are not flexible. The spam filter is not precise.
Integrates emails, SMS text messaging, instant messaging, and social networksNo IMAP access for desktop email programs

Next time you start using Yahoo Mail, you are likely to make the most out of its amazing features.

Updated: August 26, 2020 — 6:35 am


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