Yahoo Email Troubleshooting – Missing Emails- How to solve?

What, if some emails are missing in your Yahoo Mail inbox?

Yahoo email account users complained about the missing emails in their inbox and this has no specified reason. Or, you can say that users are not sure about what is behind losing or missing emails from their email account. This could be lost or missing emails and sometimes users have accidentally deleted the emails permanently. We have this quick guide for Yahoo users to find and restore the missing emails.

When emails are in an unexpected folder

This is a common situation when your desirable emails are directed into some unexpected email folders and you are unable to find them in your inbox. You need to find them by various means as given here.

  • Search for them – When you find that some mails are missing in your email account; you should use the basic search option with help of email sender’s address, name, date or time of delivery of the mail. This is really helpful as mostly our mail account used to get filled with so many mails in it. You can search and found, if you want to try, then use the method to sort emails in the descending order
  • Spam and Trash – If your email went into the Trash folder or directed to the Spam folder, you might not be able to get them on the basic search. As the basic search doesn’t show the contents of these two folders. Better to move into these folders manually, and then try to find your emails there
  • Filters – Email filters are designed to keep unwanted and spam emails away from your inbox, yet there are some instances when your emails will fall into the definition of such filters and you can’t even think of that. Once you find your mails in any of these filters, then review your settings and get the issue fixed for future

When the emails are lost or deleted permanently

In case when you have deleted emails permanently or unable to find them; such emails are considered as lost emails. You have the last alternative as Send a Restore Request; so you just need to request Yahoo for recovery. This will work when you have deleted or lost emails in the past 7 days only. This will help you to get such emails which you won’t find easily in your inbox.

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Updated: May 9, 2020 — 4:04 am


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  1. I cannot find my spam folder or deleted email folder or my sent folder. You changed the format last month when it was working well for me. I am angry. Please return my y mail to previous format immediately.
    You have no right to change things without warning, esp if your changes don’t work!!!!

  2. Why change something that works to something that doesn’t. Lost emails, missing spam. trash, and sent folders…why did you do this???

  3. Help. Except for today’s emails in my yahoo account, the remainder are missing. Also, the account is not working, meaning I can’t click on an email to delete or mark it or move it, either by trying to mark the square in front of the email or pulling up the email. I also cannot send an email from the laptop computer. However, the yahoo account on both my Ipad and my phone seem to be working. I did try to sign out and sign in with a key, but the emails are still missing. Can you help? This has occurred within the last three days.

    1. I have the same problem. Who can help?

  4. Woke up this morning and all my yahoo emails were missing
    How can I recover them?

  5. Hannah Hutcherson

    i have a VERY IMPORTANT confirmation email ive sent to myself over 10 times and NOTHING ! IM PISSED TO NO END !Why cant i find all my folders ! im beyond mad this shxt fxcuing stinks !

  6. Nearly lost all mine this morning – just checked a few to delete (about 13) pressed delete and realised the reason it was taking so long to do this was that Yahoo was in fact trying to delete all 1500 messages in my inbox. Luckily managed to reverse this by pressing the undo message – but only because I noticed what was happening at the time. 5 mins later it would have been too late. I did not ask Yahoo to delete All messages.

  7. Yahoo tried to delete all my emails in my inbox today even though I had only checked 14 boxes – luckily saw what was happening and was able to reverse it.

  8. Yahoo are just deleting SOME of mine SOMETIMES after I’ve read them but I still need them! From both inbox and sent! Absolutely no proof of their existence. Not in Trash or Spam. Nothing comes up in search! What’s this about! Causing me problems!

  9. I am starting to lose emails that I am certain I have not deleted. I am aware now that yahoo is only keeping emails for seven days but this is not long enough. There have been one or two very strange happenings with my email. For very many years I have been pleased with yahoo but presently I am very dissatisfied. E-mails ARE being moved, found in deleted when I know I had not deleted them!
    I never used to have these problems.

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