Methods to Forward Emails from Yahoo Mail

Forwarding a mail is a great way to send our emails to our friends and colleagues and it can be as quick as well. There are 3 ways to forward an email through Yahoo account which is as follows: Forwarding a received mail (b) Auto forwarding (c) Forwarding email in bulk.

Forwarding received email:  You can simply forward a mail which you have just received. The steps are mentioned as below;

(i)    Log on to

(ii)    Sign-in using your credentials.

(iii)    Go to the Inbox.

(iv)    Click on the mail which you wish to forward.

(v)    Click on the “Forward” button or Press “Shift+ F

(vi)    Enter the address you want to forward this email.

(vii)    You can also add some comments or edit it if require.

(viii)    Press the “Send” button.

Auto Forwarding:  If you want to forward your entire yahoo emails to a specific account automatically stick to the procedures below:

(i)    Sign-in to the yahoo account using your credentials.

(ii)    Click on the gear like icon “Settings

(iii)    Click on the “More Settings

(iv)    Then go to “Accounts

(v)    Click on the yahoo account. Check the “Forward” box and enter the email address where you want to check your yahoo emails.

(vi)    Tap the “Save” buttons.

(vii)    All your future yahoo emails will be forwarded automatically to the new email address which you entered the in the relevant box.

Forwarding emails in bulk: You can also send emails in bulk as well but you will have to download another email client or an app like Outlook or Thunderbird etc using the yahoo email user interface. Follow the steps below:

(i)    Download and Install Outlook to your system.

(ii)    Click on the “Account Settings

(iii)    Click on the “New Account” and choose Manual Setup.

(iv)    Put the exact user credentials. Select Internet, POP or  IMAP.

(v)    Choose account type as “IMAP” under the server information.

(vi)    Enter into the “Incoming mail server” and into the “Outgoing mail server” box.

(vii)    Enter the yahoo email address along with the password again. Press “More Settings” button select the “Outgoing Server” box and check the box.

(viii)    Select “Advance” overwrite the incoming server port to 993 and select the encryption as “SSL

(ix)    Change the port of “Outgoing Server” to 465 and again set the encryption as “SSL

(x)    Wait for a few minutes, Outlook will download your entire yahoo emails.

(xi)    Find all the emails which you want to forward, you can hold the CTRL button and click on the emails as well to choose emails. Now press CTRL+F

(xii)    Make sure all your emails get attached successfully. Add the recipients and press “Send” This will send the entire emails from your yahoo account to the recipients added earlier. Your recipients will need to open it in the same way via an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird.

Caution: Auto forwarding is yet to be supported by new yahoo mail update. At this point of time, auto-forwarding feature isn’t available yet. If you use another version of Outlook configure it accordingly. If you have any kind of doubt or facing any issues get in touch with our 24*7 Yahoo Technical Support team for quick troubleshooting.

Updated: April 16, 2020 — 12:31 pm

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