Why Do You Get ‘Yahoo Mail Error 999’ and How to fix it in 5 Simple Ways?

Yahoo Mail Error 999’ is a temporary error that often corrects itself within half an hour. Apart from ‘error 999’, if the message says your account is temporarily locked, you need to “sign out of all devices and browsers” and wait for 30 minutes. You don’t have to repeat the action within the waiting period. Repeated attempts will only prolong the lock time.

How to fix Yahoo Mail Error 999

Why are you Getting Error 999 in Yahoo Mail?

Despite the flaunting state-of-the-art servers and security systems, Yahoo, often, can’t save its users from several unforeseen mishaps. For instance, error 999 can be frustrating when you have an important business email to send, and you can’t wait for a moment. So what causes error 999 in the Yahoo Mail account to appear?

Here are some of the possible reasons why Yahoo mail users get this Error 999 –

  • Maybe, your browser is not compatible to accept cookies from Yahoo mail.
  • The error might adorn the screen if you have shared your Internet connection with other people.
  • When there is an unusual activity from your IP address, mobile device, or computer to specific Yahoo pages.
  • If there is an unexpectedly high amount of email transaction (sending or receiving).
  • In case of using a third-party application or software program to access Yahoo.
  • Maybe, some viruses or spyware changed your system settings, thus preventing you from accessing Yahoo.

5 Simple Ways to Fix Error 999 in Yahoo Mail Account

To resolve the error, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Consider scanning your system and removing adware, malware, pop-ups, spyware, and other viruses.
  • If you have not enabled your browser to accept cookies, do it immediately. Cookies allow quicker access to the website and its services.
  • Trust a supported browser and operating system! Supported web browsers for various Yahoo products are Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and Safari. Internet Explorer is “no longer a supported browser” for any Yahoo products.
  • Consider accessing Yahoo mail from a different Internet connection. If that doesn’t work, try and access it from another computer.
  • Last but not least, change the Wi-Fi password. Or ensure that no one else has access to your Internet connection. If it is not password protected, use a strong Wi-Fi password immediately.

These are tested and proven ways to get rid of Error 999 in Yahoo Mail.

Updated: January 30, 2022 — 12:33 pm

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