Why my Yahoo Mail is Not Working?

Users appreciate Yahoo Mail for its ease of use, excellent features, and reliability. Whether you wish to send emails with attachments, sort your emails, search the web, or customize the appearance, Yahoo Mail has all such features and options available to make your email experience an effortless one. Although Yahoo Mail is known for offering reliable and uninterrupted services to the users, however, sometimes some users experience one or the other problem with Yahoo Mail. If you are also experiencing an issue and wondering why your Yahoo Mail is not working, you may want to consider following the below-mentioned suggestions.

Guide to Fix “Yahoo Mail is Not Working” Issue

As there can be numerous reasons that are responsible for the malfunctioning of Yahoo Mail, it can be a bit difficult to fix the problem. Below are some of the most common reasons that are generally responsible for preventing you from accessing your Yahoo Mail account. You can follow these workarounds (one at a time) and see if they help you overcome the problem. So, let’s get started with the workaround.

1. Check your Internet Network

Check Internet Network

The first and the foremost thing that you must look after is that your internet network is working properly. Any issue or interruption with your internet network may prevent Yahoo Mail from functioning. To check whether your internet is functioning correctly, open a random website on your web browser (google chrome, firefox, safari, etc.), and see if it is loading well or not. If the website doesn’t load, as usual, you will first need to address the issue with your internet service provider before trying to access your Yahoo Mail account.

2. Check the Status of Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail down status

The next thing you will need to ensure is that there is no issue or interruption at Yahoo’s end. Any kind of issue in the Yahoo Mail server may lead to temporary problems with your Yahoo Mail account. Therefore, it is vital to check the status of Yahoo Mail. You can check the status of Yahoo mail using any reliable third-party service available online. If the status appears to be down, you will need to wait for it to get resolved before you try accessing your Yahoo Mail account.

3. Disable Ad-Blocking Software for Yahoo Mail

Disable Ad-Blocking Software for Yahoo

Ad blockers work by adding code into the web browser to prevent an advertisement from making its way. This affects not only the browser performance but also the functionality of your Yahoo mail. If the ad-blocking software is interfering with Yahoo Mail, you can whitelist Yahoo Mail to avoid these issues. The process to whitelist Yahoo Mail will be different for different ad blockers. So, you will need to whitelist Yahoo Mail accordingly.

4. Update Web Browser and Computer

Update Web Browser

As most of the Yahoo products are browser-based, it is always suggested to access your Yahoo products such as Yahoo Mail on the newest version of the web browsers. Some of the popular web browsers which are compatible with Yahoo are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari. However, make sure that you are using the updated version of these web browsers to access Yahoo Mail. Using an outdated web browser may not allow some of the Yahoo features to function properly. Similarly, you will also need to ensure that the device (laptop, computer, android phone, iPhone, etc.) on which you are accessing your Yahoo Mail account is also running with the latest updates.

If even after updating the web browser and computer, you are unable to fix issues with your Yahoo Mail account, you can try clearing the browser cache by following the below steps:

5. Clear Web Browsers Cache/ Browsing Data

Clear Browsers Cache Browsing Data

Clearing Cache in Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome browser on your system and click on the More option (three vertical dots) located on the top-right corner of the browser window. A drop-down menu will appear on your screen.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on the More tools option and select Clear browsing data.
  • Next, select a time range for which you wish to clear the cache. You will find the time range option on the top of the window.
  • However, if you wish to delete the entire cache, simply select the “All time” option.
  • Then, select the checkbox next to “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” options, and click Clear data. All the cache from your chrome browser has been removed now.

Clearing Cache in Mozilla Firefox

  • On your Mozilla Firefox browser, click on the Menu button (three horizontal lines) and select “Preferences“.
  • Now, select the Privacy & Security panel and scroll down to Cookies and Site Data section.
  • Then, click on the Clear Data button and deselect the checkbox next to Cookies and Site Data option.
  • Once you have deselected the checkbox next to Cookies and Site Data option, click on the Clear button.
  • The cache from your browser will be removed right away.

Clearing Cache in Microsoft Edge

  • Go to Settings and more and select the Settings option.
  • In Settings, choose Privacy and services option and then select “Choose what to clear” option in the Clear browsing data section.
  • Next, select the types of data you wish to clear and press the Clear now button.

Clearing Cache in Safari Browser

  • Open Safari, go to History > Clear History option and a pop-up menu will appear on the browser screen.
  • On that pop-up, select the time range for which you wish to clear the history of the browser. If you want to clear everything, select all history and click Clear History button.
  • Your safari browser cache has been removed.

6. Enable JavaScript in Different Web Browsers

Enabling JavaScript in Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome and click on the More option (three vertical dots). This will open a drop-down menu on your screen.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the Settings option.
  • In the Settings section, click on the Advanced button.
  • In the Advanced section, go to “Privacy and security” and click on the Content settings option.
  • Then, select the JavaScript option and turn on the Allowed (recommended) option.

Enabling JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox

  • Open the Mozilla Firefox browser and click on Tools option. This will open a drop-down menu.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Options.
  • Next, select the Content section from the options located at the top of the pop-up page.
  • Then, select the checkbox next to the Block pop-up windows, Load images automatically, and Enable JavaScript.
  • After that, click OK button, refresh your web browser by right-clicking anywhere on the page and select the Reload option or use the Reload button in the toolbar.

Enabling JavaScript in Microsoft Edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge browser on your computer and click More menu.
  • Next, select Open with Internet Explorer option.
  • Then, select Tools > Internet Options.
  • After that, go to the Security tab > Customer Level option.
  • Now, click Enable for Active Scripting option in the Scripting section.
  • After that, click Yes option in the dialog box that displays on the screen.

Enabling JavaScript in Safari Browser

  • Open the Safari browser and go to the Preferences option.
  • Next, click Preferences and then the Security tab.
  • In the Security tab, select the checkbox next to Enable JavaScript option.
  • Then, select the Close option and refresh the web browser.

7. Reset your Web Browser

how to Reset Web Browsers

Resetting Google Chrome Browser

  • Open Google Chrome on your computer and click on the More option (three vertical dots). This will open a drop-down menu on your screen.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the Settings option.
  • In the Settings section, click on the Advanced button.
  • Under the Reset Settings section, click Restore settings to their original defaults and then click on Reset Settings button.

Resetting Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on the Menu bar (three horizontal lines) and select the Help option.
  • In the Help section, select the Troubleshooting Information option.
  • Now, click on Refresh Firefox under the “Give Firefox a tune up” section.
  • Then, click on Refresh Firefox and start fresh.

Resetting Microsoft Edge Browser

  • Right-click on the Start button located in the lower-left corner and select the “Apps and Features” option.
  • Next, scroll through the list and click the Microsoft Edge option.
  • Then, click on the Advanced options link.
  • After that, select the Reset button.

Resetting Safari Web Browser

  • Click the Safari option located on the top left-hand corner of the screen in the menu bar.
  • Next, select the Reset Safari option.
  • Then, the select checkbox next to all the options.
  • Press the Reset button.

Apart from clearing the cache, enabling JavaScript, or resetting your browser, it is suggested to consider taking the following measures as well. The following steps are to be followed in the sequences as mentioned. Skip to the next measure if the problem doesn’t get solved.

  • Clear Cache of Your Web Browser: Make sure there is no cache stored in your web browser.
  • Update your Web Browser: Make sure that your web browser is running with the latest version.
  • Restart Your Computer: Make sure to reboot your computer once you are done clearing the cache and updating your web browser.
  • Make Sure that JavaScript is Enabled: Make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your web browser.
  • Disable Browser Enhancement: Faulty browser enhancements such as plug-ins and add-ons sometimes can also lead to the problem with your browser and ultimately to websites like Yahoo Mail. So, make sure that no faulty browser enhancement is installed on your browser. If you find any such add-on or plug-in, you will need to remove that from your browser and see if your Yahoo Mail is functioning properly. In case you have plenty of enhancements installed on your browser, you will need to disable one at a time and see which one is exactly causing trouble in your Yahoo Mail.
  • Disable Antivirus, AntiSpyware, and Firewall Products Temporarily: Security applications and settings such as Antivirus, AntiSpyware, and Firewall settings can block scripts or certain features of Yahoo. To check if any of these security applications is causing trouble in your Yahoo Mail account, you will need to disable these security applications one at a time to see which program is exactly preventing Yahoo Mail from functioning properly. Once you find the app which is creating trouble, check the help pages of your software and adjust the settings accordingly to avoid conflict with Yahoo in the future.
  • Check if Yahoo Mail is working Properly on other Computer or Devices: If you find that Yahoo Mail is functioning properly on other computers and devices, it means the problem is with your device. You will need to fix it to access Yahoo Mail.
  • Reset your Web Browser to Default Settings: The problem could be occurring due to unknown settings configured in your web browser, consider resetting your web browser to its default settings.

Unable to Send or Receive Emails in Yahoo Mail

If you are experiencing trouble sending or receiving emails in your Yahoo Mail account, you can consider taking the following measures.

When Unable to Send Emails from Yahoo Mail

  • Check the Sent folder in your Yahoo Mail account and make sure that email was sent.
  • Make sure that you have entered the email address of the recipient correctly in the To field.
  • If you don’t find the email in the Sent folder, make sure to check it in the Drafts folder.
  • Ask the recipients to check their Spam folder as your message might have been delivered to their Spam folder.
  • Ask the recipients to make sure that they have not mistakenly added your email address to the blocked list.
  • Ask them to check other folders in their email account in case they have created Filters.

When Unable to Receive Emails in Yahoo Mail

If you are unable to receive emails in your Yahoo Mail account, you will first need to send an email to yourself and then follow the steps provided below accordingly.

  • If you get an error, you will need to fix that particular error.
  • If you do not get any error, it means your account is working as expected.
  • Make sure that the Reply-to address is blank in your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Also, Make sure you have not blocked the sender by mistake.
  • Check your spam folder to see in case the email moved there.
  • If you have Filters active in your Yahoo Mail account, check if the email is stored in another folder.

So, these are the different workarounds and suggestions that will help you fix the issue with your Yahoo Mail account.

Updated: January 23, 2022 — 9:25 am

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