How to Block Banner Ads in Yahoo Mail

When you are about to click on the reply button of your Yahoo Mail inbox, but suddenly an annoying banner pop-up and you eventually clicked on it; this will open the ad, will waste your time and efforts to close it again and again. This is really annoying for Yahoo users, when they are indulge in an important conversation and suddenly this pop-up stops you in between.

What could be the best solution for this?

Is there any way to block banner ads in Yahoo mail account?

There is a temporary method to block the banner ads from your Yahoo! Mail inbox. This just requires users to follow these given tips.

  • For Most ads – Simply click on the X or Options icon to hide/remove that specific ad and provide feedback accordingly
  • The right-side ads – You need to click on the Hide icon to hide/remove ads temporarily from your inbox

There is something you should do to block such banner ads and pop-ups; the solution is by help of some third-party ad-blockers. These third-party ad blockers are plug-ins and software which work with your web browser and when needed or some banner ad tries to emerge; it will block it immediately before it occurs. You will get a prompt on your web browser that some ads and banner has been blocked.

We have listed few of these popular ad-blockers which you can use for blocking such ads on various web browsers. You need to specify your web browser and get the software or plug-in download for the same.

  1. Ad Block Plus – Download linkis
  2. Ad Block – Download link is

Once you download and install any of these ad blockers; you can get it effectively after restarting the browser. This will fix the issue immediately and you don’t need to be worried about banner ads.

Here, you have an expensive alternative with Paid Subscription of Yahoo account as ads usually bother to the free subscriber. If you have Yahoo! Mail Pro account, then you don’t need to be worried about the ads, banner and pop-ups. Your paid subscription is already free from such ads and banners; the moment you sign in. You can buy this paid server, whenever you feel the need.

Note – You can get free ad-blocker plug-in or software, so don’t rush for some paid service. In fact, you can get the same plug-in for your mobile device too.

Updated: March 19, 2019 — 4:56 am

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